Empowering people, transforming communities

Strategic Objectives


People are free from hunger

Every child is protected

People enjoy the right to education

People exercise their right to health


People live in sustainable environment


People build inclusive and democratic communities


People achieve economic empowerment through solidarity and cooperation


People are protected from disasters

Who We are

Good Neighbors International

Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO founded in Korea in 1991 to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. The first community development project in Bangladesh was launched in 1992 and currently Good Neighbors is working in 192 communities in 40 countries with our focus on inclusive community development approach and child protection.

Good Neighbors Kenya

Kenya Good Neighbors was founded in December 1995. It was the first field office in Africa for international relief and development programs including vocational training at Jirani Centre, health clinic, community dam construction, school construction in the biggest slum area and remote area as well. We implement Community Development Projects by supporting the stable and self-sufficient development of a community through project focused on education, health, water and sanitation and income generation in 6 communities. Also we run advocacy programs to protect the human rights, especially of the child, and implement humanitarian projects for refugees with UNHCR.


Good neighbors exist to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. Good neighbors respect the human rights of our neighbors suffering from poverty, disaster and oppression, and help them to achieve self-reliance and enable them to rebuild their hope.


We promote and implement sustainable community development programs geared towards enhancing self-reliance of the community and safeguard and advocate for child rights.


To achieve this vision, we will pursue core values below.


We will adhere to existing, and participate in enhancement of current and creation of new policies and procedures in order to achieve accountability.


We will exercise professionalism by orienting ourselves to achieve KGN’s purpose and safeguard our children’s rights.

We will enhance our professionalism by individually building our capacity.



In pursuance of efficiency, we will periodically develop a work plan beneficial to providing prompt and timely services.

Further, we will embrace and adapt to all technology adopted by Kenya Good Neighbors from other organizations or introduced by Kenya Good Neighbors.



For the sake of promoting trust we will work harmoniously and with sincerity with our colleagues and ensure constant transparent communication with all stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Our Partners

Good Neighbors is cooperating with our partners to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. With various partnership, Good Neighbors has improved effectiveness and expertise of programs in the field countries.

Current News

UN Civil Society Conference

Kenya Good Neighbors, in collaboration with Kenyatta University, particularly the Department of Environmental Studies and Community Development in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, hosted the 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference summit titled “Speak up! Youth Voices for the Future”, which took place on 9th -10th May, at Kenyatta University grounds. The event aimed at gathering youth representatives from around the world who are co-creating the future agenda with Good Neighbors, alongside the UN Civil Society Conference.

Benchmarking on climate change mitigation

Urban forests are recognized for both their environmental and socioeconomic benefits to cities and urban areas across the globe. From an environmental point of view, trees and forests in urban areas contribute to carbon dioxide sequestration, air quality control, noise reduction, urban hydrology, and regulation of both land surface and air temperatures. Similarly, urban forests and other green spaces within urban areas have been linked to the general quality of life of urban populations. Kenya Good Neighbors is working in collaboration with a community group in Korogocho slum, Children’s home and two urban schools to address the issue of climate change and environment conservation. On 5th April 2024 Kenya Good Neighbors took the community group members and school environment club… 

food donation

Food donation in Turkana

Good Neighbors work around the world where there is a need without any discrimination. We exist to make a world without hunger, where people live together in harmony. On March 8, 2024, Kenya Good Neighbors, in partnership with County Officials from the Ministry of Health of Turkana Central Sub-County, flagged off relief food (maize flour and cooking oil) worth Ksh12,247,130 that targeted 4,600 households that are severely affected by the drought in the County. Kenya Good Neighbors will continue to support vulnerable communities in the areas most affected by drought, such as Turkana, in partnership with other partners.

emeergency response

Good Neighbors, a humanitarian organization, intervened to provide emergency assistance to a family affected by a devastating fire in Korogocho slums on February 12th. The fire, which was caused by a gas cylinder explosion, engulfed the building, and could not be contained by the community members. Sadly, one of our sponsored child from the family succumbed to severe burns and injuries. The family also lost all their belongings in the incident. Good Neighbors donated four mattresses and four blankets to the family to help them cope with the tragedy.

sponsorship in St.Gabriel

On 14/02/2024, St.Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre was privileged to host Mama Nahyeon, the school’s special donor, and Kenya Good Neighbors team led by the Country Director, on its grounds. Mama Nahyeon during her visit donated Kes 1,199,417.67 which would go toward paying school fees for 16 junior pupils and 17 students who did their KPSEA and KCPE respectively last year in St.Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre.


borehole drilling

Kenya Good Neighbors is currently implementing a climate change project named “One Man Planted Trees” in Kajiado County.  The County receives low rainfall and has prolonged dry seasons, resulting in many losses in the County. Over the years, the community has lost their livestock, which is their primary source of livelihood, leaving them with limited choices but to hunt for alternative means to earn a living. 



Fraud Alert

Kenya Good Neighbors wishes to draw the attention of the public and our beneficiaries to be aware of fraudsters making requests for payment for their children to be enrolled in our programs.

Kenya Good Neighbors DOES NOT demand payment for any of it’s services.