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All our job advertisements are published in the Kenya Good Neighbors Career section on our Website (>News and Publications>careers) or in our official Facebook page clearing indicating the job descriptions and experienced required

Agronomy Officer

Health Coordinator

Managing Director

Regional Grant writer

Health Specialist re-advertisement

Safeguarding Policy

Kenya Good Neighbors has a zero tolerance to any harm or sexual exploitation and abuse against any beneficiaries (or program participants). Safeguarding and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) is everyone’s shared responsibility and all Good Neighbors (GN) employees and partners are required to adhere to Good Neighbor’s Code of Conduct both during and outside working hours. Familiarization with and adherence to the GN Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct is an essential requirement of all employees and partners, in addition to related mandatory training. All employees and partners must ensure that they understand and act in accordance with this clause.