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People are protected from disasters

Disasters lead to human and economic loss, and damages in infrastructure. Especially the effects of accelerating climate change escalate the frequency and magnitude of disasters, widening affected areas where we thought were once safe. Communities that do not have proper resources to prepare are the most vulnerable against disasters, and a great majority of victims are children, women, and the poor. Disasters recovery is critical but often neglected. Emergency support can enable people to overcome immediate problems, but increased vulnerabilities such as damaged infrastructures, broken livelihoods and collapsed safety nets bring about an another disaster. In the end, communities are not able to sustain themselves and will collapse.

Tens of millions of refugees who have left their homes due to natural disasters and conflicts have been scattered all over the world. The rights they deserve are not guaranteed, and even their lives are too often in danger. They lose hope in deprivation.

Our disaster relief work focuses on the following three areas:
Enabling communities to be resilient against disasters

We work with the community to build the capacity to prepare for disasters and minimize the damage. Focus is placed on raising people’s awareness of disasters, and developing community-based actions for disaster preparedness, which helps the communities become resilient.

Supporting people to recover from disasters

We support and protect those who experience disasters. We make sure that the necessary aid is available to the victim as soon as possible in the event of a disaster. In addition, we will provide assistance to the victims for their rapid resumption to daily life.

Ensuring refugees’ rights

We provide assistance to refugees to enable their enjoyment of rights and to facilitate self-reliance. We will engage in activities to safeguard the refugees’ right to life and health. Furthermore, we will strengthen their self-reliance through livelihood and capacity building activities.

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