Kenya Good Neighbors, in collaboration with Kenyatta University, particularly the Department of Environmental Studies and Community Development in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, hosted the 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference summit titled “Speak up! Youth Voices for the Future”, which took place on 9th -10th May, at Kenyatta University grounds. The event aimed at gathering youth representatives from around the world who are co-creating the future agenda with Good Neighbors, alongside the UN Civil Society Conference.

Urban forests are recognized for both their environmental and socioeconomic benefits to cities and urban areas across the globe. From an environmental point of view, trees and forests in urban areas contribute to carbon dioxide sequestration, air quality control, noise reduction, urban hydrology, and regulation of both land surface and air temperatures. Similarly, urban forests and other green spaces within urban areas have been linked to the general quality of life of urban populations. Kenya Good Neighbors is working in collaboration with a community group in Korogocho slum, Children’s home and two urban schools to address the issue of climate change and environment conservation. On 5th April 2024 Kenya Good Neighbors took the community group members and school environment club for a benchmarking to learn on climate change mitigation at Kombo Green Solutions CBO which is a CBO based in Korogocho which mainly rehabilitates the Nairobi River and reclaims the riparian land around it.

The members were able to learn several issues on environment conservation such as hydroponic farming, kitchen gardens, recycling of polythene papers and sacks to make cabros, use of waste materials as a source of fuel for the community kitchen, etc

Good Neighbors work around the world where there is a need without any discrimination. We exist to make a world without hunger, where people live together in harmony. On March 8, 2024, Kenya Good Neighbors, in partnership with County Officials from the Ministry of Health of Turkana Central Sub-County, flagged off relief food (maize flour and cooking oil) worth Ksh12,247,130 that targeted 4,600 households that are severely affected by the drought in the County. Kenya Good Neighbors will continue to support vulnerable communities in the areas most affected by drought, such as Turkana, in partnership with other partners.

emergency response

Good Neighbors, a humanitarian organization, intervened to provide emergency assistance to a family affected by a devastating fire in Korogocho slums on February 12th. The fire, which was caused by a gas cylinder explosion, engulfed the building, and could not be contained by the community members. Sadly, one of our sponsored child from the family succumbed to severe burns and injuries. The family also lost all their belongings in the incident. Good Neighbors donated four mattresses and four blankets to the family to help them cope with the tragedy.

On 14/02/2024, St.Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre was privileged to host Mama Nahyeon, the school’s special donor, and Kenya Good Neighbors team led by the Country Director, on its grounds. Mama Nahyeon during her visit donated Kes 1,199,417.67 which would go toward paying school fees for 16 junior pupils and 17 students who did their KPSEA and KCPE respectively last year in St.Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre.

 Nahyeon (passed away in 2013) who was a team Manager of KOICA in charge of East Africa devoted her work to the development of East Africa. In honor and remembrance of her dedication and deep passion for the development of East Africa, the family decided to build St. Gabriel Nahyeon School to give hope to African children, particularly in Dandora, Nairobi. Mama Nahyeon, in partnership with Kenya Good Neighbors, has contributed significantly to the school’s development by providing sponsorship services to the children annually.

Kenya Good Neighbors is currently implementing a climate change project named “One Man Planted Trees” in Kajiado County.  The County receives low rainfall and has prolonged dry seasons, resulting in many losses in the County. Over the years, the community has lost their livestock, which is their primary source of livelihood, leaving them with limited choices but to hunt for alternative means to earn a living. The project involves planting fruit trees, establishing a fruit tree nursery, and planting vegetables and grass for the animals. This will support the Community in Ngatataek location to embrace different methods of farming and as a result, earn a living instead of depending only on livestock. Kenya Good Neighbors has drilled a borehole in the Ngatataek area which will be used in irrigation on the farm and watering the vegetation. Over 200 community members are targeted to benefit from this project.


In order to enhance the financial management literacy of coffee farmers in Embu County, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Kenya Good Neighbors (KGN) signed a memorandum of understanding for a Capacity building program for the local farmers. KCB generously extends its services on a pro bono basis, demonstrating a strong commitment to community support

Meanwhile, KGN takes charge of the program’s administrative aspects. The initiative specifically targets the education of over 300 members of the Kirurumwe Farmers’ Cooperative in various aspects of financial management. With KCB’s extensive experience of over 100 years in the financial sector, their wealth of knowledge and expertise will equip coffee farmers to view their farming endeavors as businesses, ultimately leading to increased income and prosperity.

MoU signing

On 12th October 2023, Kenya Good Neighbors concluded the Trainers of Trainers (ToT) program of 500 farmers of Kirurumwe Farmers Society on good agricultural practices. The course took 5 months of training and it focused on the following areas, Soil Management, Coffee establishment, Coffee nutrition, Canopy management, Pest and diseases control Coffee value chain among others. These graduates will now train the rest of the members in their respective villages and in the long-run improve their quality and quantity of coffee production and household income.

The ceremony was graced by H.E Mr. Justus Kinyua Mugo, the Deputy Governor of Embu County. During his speech, he congratulated the farmers for their commitment in attending a 5-month course. He pointed out that this training is very crucial in helping the farmers improve the quality of coffee and in turn, increase their income. The KOICA Kenya Office team led by the Deputy County Director Ms. Songi Han also attended the training completion ceremony and participated in awarding the completion certificates.


On 4th October 2023, Kenya Good Neighbors, Hon. Adhe Wario Guyo North Horr Constituency area MP in company of DCC Marsabit North, Sub-County Administrator, Chief Officer Administration among other officials from Marsabit County Government flagged off 115tonnes of maize flour and yellow beans that targets 3,471 households that are suffering from severe hunger in North Horr Constituency as a result of the prolonged drought that killed all of the livestock that had been the community’s main source of income.

Kenya Good Neighbors team in the company of a special donor began the distribution immediately as follows: Maikona-700 households, Kalacha 600 households, Elgadhe 700 households, North Horr 871 households, and Gas 600 households and the team will be able to finalize the exercise on 9th October 2023. Kenya Good Neighbors will continue to serve the people of Marsabit and other parts of Kenya to address the issues of hunger, climate change, among other challenges.

food donation
Food donation

Good Neighbors’ mission is to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. From 8th to 12th May 2023 Kenya Good Neighbors led by Country Director and the area MP donated food items to 1950 households in North Horr Constituency-Marsabit County worth over 4 million Shillings.

 On 30/01/2023, we had the privilege of hosting Mama Nahyeon, the special donor of St. Gabriel Community Centre Academy, at St. Gabriel ground as she presented 205 complete school uniforms to every student in the institution. KOICA Kenya office team led by Country Director Mr. Janghee Im and Kenya Good Neighbors team led by Country Director Mr.Namun Heo were also in attendance.
St. Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre was founded on March 3rd, 2017, in honor of Nahyeon a former director of KOICA who passed away in 2013. Nahyeon’s family donated to build and run a school in Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya, in response to Nahyeon’s ambition to promote the education of children in Africa, and they have been doing so ever since with the KOICA FAMILY FOUNDATION and Kenya Good Neighbors.
Hamafuki riders Sacco from Mukuru Nyayo is a bodaboda Sacco for likeminded Riders who decided to come together and create a saving culture in order to support and create opportunity for each other.
Kenya Good Neighbors through Wezesha Majirani Sacco supported the society by creating a community revolving fund by purchasing 30 bajaj boxer 150ug motorbikes for the society.
During the launch in attendance was the Assistant County Commissioner south B, area Chief, Police Major Mariguini police post, Kenya Good Neighbors Managing Director, Wezesha Majirani representatives and Hamafuki Riders.
First Aid aims to prevent the medical conditions from deteriorating and help relief the pain before the person involved in an accident is taken to the hospital for further medical assistance.
Kenya Good Neighbors through Social economic department(SED) in partnerships with Wezesha Majirani Sacco and St. John Ambulance conducted First Aid training to 35 motorbike riders from Hamafuki Sacco Society last week. Motorcycle accidents are high impact and can cause serious damage, therefore first aid skills is very crucial more especially to the motorbike riders since in most cases they are the first respondent to arrive in accident scenes.
Re-usable sanitary towels project
In most parts of Kenya more especially the slums areas, two in three girls cannot regularly access the menstrual health products to manage their periods. As a result, girls use homemade materials like cloth or rags, which are ineffective and can lead to infections. This has lead to school absenteeism, low esteem and absenteeism from active sporting activities.
Kenya Good Neighbors is therefore working towards enhancing stitching skills for the girls through menstrual hygiene Management Clubs in schools. We are currently carrying out TOT training to the clubs’ teacher, identified parents and our community development committee members in all our areas of operations who will in turn spearhead the training of girls in schools.
A percentage of boys will also be trained who will be champions of re-usable sanitary towels in schools.
coffee project
Soil analysis in Embu County
Coffee Project in Embu County

This project aims to support farmers increase their household income through:

✔Repairing of coffee processing facilities,
✔Best farming methods training
✔Quality control training
✔Financial training and expansion of distribution channels
Annual conference 2021 Team building
kia project
Mobile auto repair service

Mobile auto repair service is a pilot project funded by KIA Motors being implemented in Kajiado County. The main purpose of this project is to improve the accessibilities to vehicles maintenance and inspection services in underdeveloped areas through mobile auto repair service.

Masks donation

 Donation of 5,000 pcs KF94 COVID Prevention Mask to Kenya Good Neighbors

Kind on 18th October 2021.

donations equipments
Maternal Child Health Project in Kajiado

Donation of Maternal and child health medical equipment and furniture to the Ministry of Health  Kajiado Central Sub-County