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Mariakani primary school textbooks support
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Clara Moraa is a member of the Tendere A saving group, a collective of thirteen small and medium business owners. The group was established in 2021 following the registration of Riariote SACCO. They convene twice a week at a small shopping Centre in Ogembo CDP. Clara’s commitment and excellent saving habits led to her appointment as the group’s secretary.

Rider motobike

Haron, a diligent worker, was once employed by a businessperson to sell second-hand clothes. His income, ranging from KES 100-400 per day, was solely based on commission, and there were days when he earned nothing. Despite these challenges, Haron harbored a dream of becoming self-employed.

donations of textbooks
Donations of Textbooks to Korogocho Glory Primary School
Donation of textbooks, computers, and other stationeries to St.Gabriel Nahyeon Community Centre

In order to enhance the financial management literacy of coffee farmers in Embu County, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Kenya Good Neighbors (KGN) signed a memorandum of understanding for a Capacity building program for the local farmers. KCB generously extends its services on a pro bono basis, demonstrating a strong commitment to community support. Meanwhile, KGN takes charge of the program’s administrative aspects. The initiative specifically targets the education of over 300 members of the Kirurumwe Farmers’ Cooperative in various aspects of financial management. 


On 12th October 2023, Kenya Good Neighbors concluded the Trainers of Trainers (ToT) program of 500 farmers of Kirurumwe Farmers Society on good agricultural practices. The course took 5 months of training and it focused on the following areas, Soil Management, Coffee establishment, Coffee nutrition,…… 

Food donation

On 4th October 2023, Kenya Good Neighbors, Hon. Adhe Wario Guyo North Horr Constituency area MP in company of DCC Marsabit North, Sub-County Administrator, Chief Officer Administration among other officials from Marsabit County Government flagged off 115tonnes of maize flour and yellow beans worth Sh11,863,545 that targeted 3,471 households that are suffering from severe hunger in North Horr Constituency as a result of the prolonged drought that killed all of the livestock that had been the community’s main source of income. 

Food donation
Food donation in Marsabit County

From 8th to 12th May 2023 Kenya Good Neighbors led by Country Director and the area MP donated food items to 1950 households in North Horr Constituency-Marsabit County worth over 4 million Shillings.

Donation of school uniforms

On 30/01/2023, we had the privilege of hosting Mama Nahyeon, the special donor of St. Gabriel Community Centre Academy, at St. Gabriel ground as she presented 205 complete school uniforms to every student in the institution. KOICA Kenya office team led by Country Director Mr. Janghee Im and Kenya Good Neighbors team led by Country Director Mr.Namun Heo were also in attendance.

Hamafuki riders Sacco from Mukuru Nyayo is a bodaboda Sacco for likeminded Riders who decided to come together and create a saving culture in order to support and create opportunity for each other.