Rider motobike

From Commission Worker to Self-employed

Haron’s Journey with Hamafuki Riders SACCO

Introduction: Haron, a diligent worker, was once employed by a businessperson to sell
second-hand clothes. His income, ranging from KES 100-400 per day, was solely based on commission, and there were days when he earned nothing. Despite these challenges, Haron harbored a dream of becoming self-employed.

Joining Hamafuki Riders SACCO: Haron’s life took a turn when he learned about
Hamafuki Riders SACCO through a friend. Intrigued by the opportunity, he joined the
SACCO and began saving diligently. In 2022, the group applied for asset financing. The
SACCO’s application was successful, and they received a loan in the form of motorbikes.

Achieving Self-Employment: Receiving the motorbike from Wezesha Majirani SACCO
marked the fulfillment of Haron’s dream of self-employment. He found borrowing from a SACCO more advantageous than banks due to the lower interest rates. Moreover, the interest paid by members is returned to them as dividends at the end of the year, making the financial burden lighter.

Haron’s story stands out because of his innovative approach to increase his income. Besides operating the boda boda to transport passengers, he registered with Jumia delivery services. This decision allowed him to earn extra money to pay his bills. The weekly deposits from Jumia into his account provided a reliable and convenient source of income. Haron’s future plan is to apply for another motorbike and rent it out once he clears his current loan. His story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and strategic financial planning.


Posho mill

Clara Moraa and Riariote SACCO

Introduction: Clara Moraa is a member of the Tendere A saving group, a collective of thirteen small and medium business owners. The group was established in 2021 following the registration of Riariote SACCO. They convene twice a week at a small shopping Centre in Ogembo CDP. Clara’s commitment and excellent saving habits led to her appointment as the group’s secretary.

First Loan and Business Expansion: In 2022, Clara applied for her first loan of KES 60,000 when Riariote SACCO received its initial loan disbursement. She invested in a small dairy cow and used the remaining loan balance to expand her shop’s inventory. This strategic move attracted more customers, as they could now find all the items they needed in her shop. Clara diligently saved and repaid her loan, which she fully settled in May 2023. “My income has increased, and I am able to buy Napier grass for my cow and pay the caretaker KES 200 daily,” Clara shared during an interview. She sells milk to the local community every morning and evening.


Second Loan and Community Impact In June 2023, Clara applied for a second loan of KES 100,000. With this, she purchased a posho mill and an additional cow. She identified a need in her community, where members had to walk many kilometers to the shopping Centre to mill their maize, often late in the evening. She sold a calf and used the proceeds to construct a space for the posho mill.

Improved Livelihood Since taking the two loans, Clara’s life has transformed significantly. Her daily income has increased from KES 350 to KES 1,250. She can comfortably repay her loan, save KES 1,300 per week, pay her children’s school fees, and provide food for her family.

Advice to Other Members and Future Plans Clara advises other members to aim higher in their savings to qualify for larger loans and make significant investments. However, she cautions that one should survey the business market to make informed decisions. Her shop’s income has increased, and she earns extra income from milk sales. Clara aims to settle her second loan by mid-2024 and apply for a larger loan to open a cereals wholesale shop at the shopping Centre.