Good Mobile Auto repair service

This is a mobile project being implemented by Kenya Good Neighbors in Ilbissil-Kajiado County. The concern is on the transport means and thus repairing automobiles of the community members for free, and providing spares parts at affordable rates is a relief for many motorists in the area. The project also provides free training on maintenance/repair services (to car owners and youths), and sensitization of road safety.
The KIA truck is equipped with basic but essential mechanical tools such as; power tools (power generator to drive a grinder, drilling machine, and the welding machine), hand tools and digital tools for troubleshooting the vehicle electronics. This has made the project to have a good access to the community needs at remote areas for various rescues.
The project has earned trust and a good name through the various support to the community at their points of mechanical need which is evident from the customer count (460 services), number of referrals and after service returns. This is a proof of reliable services and diverse skills, an indication of a positive impact.
Forerunning the contagious goat disease

Mwamba Oibor Dairy Ltd is  working in Kajiado Central with community  cooperatives and groups to sensitize people on the need for animal vaccination. CCPP, or Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia, is a highly infectious and fatal disease for goats causing severe respiratory/nasal disorder and other symptoms. 

School Feeding Project

Kenya Good Neighbors has been running a school feeding program for all school going children in our cooperate schools both sponsored and non-sponsored. We initially provided a variety of food materials when the program started in the early 2000.

School Poultry project

Two schools, Meguarra and Romosha primary schools benefited with support of poultry farming in 2017 November. This is a continuous program to be sustained by the schools for future benefit of the children.