Water and Sanitation(WASH)


Provide clean water and access to proper sanitation and hygiene.

Kenya Good Neighbors is working towards increasing access to safe drinking water with an aim of enhancing the quality of life for children in the communities we work with. This we do by building water wells and WASH facilities. Additionally, we educate children and their families on proper drinking water and sanitation practices for them to have a better understanding of personal and public hygiene.

Lack of access to basic sanitation is exacerbated by the fact that human waste is discharged into rivers without any treatment. It is for this reason that we provide clean and safe toilets at schools to allow students access basic hygienically approved facilities. It also makes things easier for girls dealing with menstrual poverty, by giving them a place to maintain menstrual hygiene and make sure their monthly periods do not affect their school attendance.

Primary school girls 13 years and above received ten packets of sanitary pads

Water tanks & Hygiene training

To ensure adequate supply of clean water to children and residents, KGN has embarked on building rainwater storage tanks and water supply facilities to serve the communities. To ensure hygiene, we have provided alternative sanitary pads. The pads are made by the girls themselves after attending awareness creation campaigns and skills training on hygiene education and gender equality. We also work with community members to ensure they live in a conducive environment through community clean ups and tree planting activities. KGN organizes health education programs for communities to learn about how essential it is to avoid using contaminated water.

Major Achievements

Ongoing projects